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Founder, Trudi Langford, relays her slow-cooking epiphany...

It all started with a golf shirt.  It was the early 2000s and I went into a sportswear store because I knew they had some cool golf gear.  Not just any store either.  I like my name brands and this was a massive, global brand.

So I’m usually a 10-12 up top, no boobs, just substantial shoulders to paint you a picture.  Not overly chubby, I just like doing shoulder presses.  So I grab the medium golf shirt – a simple polo – and head to the change rooms to try it on.

Can’t even get into it.

What the?

Alrighty, they’re a small cut (I say to myself), so I change it out for a large.  This time I manage to get into it, but the shoulder seam is more like a collar-bone seam and I can’t move, let alone try and swing a golf club.  This is ridiculous.  I knew the extra-large wasn’t going to fix things, but I tried it anyway.  Stuff this!  I’ve never been more than a large in my life.  What a joke.

Flustered and annoyed I walk out of the store with a golf belt, my only purchase.  Walking back to my car, I vowed to myself that one day I’d make my own sportswear for sporty bodies.  It took 15 years, a wedding, a house and twin boys before I decided to do it for real and start TRU ATHLETIC.