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KX Pilates - How It Can Help You

Ever wondered about Reformer Pilates and how it can complement your sporting activities?  We spoke to Gabriella Mazzarino from KX Pilates (Caulfield) to find out more.
KX Reformer Pilates
TA: So Gab, what exactly is Reformer Pilates?
GM: Reformer Pilates is a system of exercises based on the original repertoire developed in the early 1900’s by Joseph Pilates. It involves using the "reformer" machine to perform these exercises that help to condition and strengthen the body.
The reformer machine is the most popular Pilates apparatus, as it can be used in both a clinical setting, as well as in a fitness setting. KX Pilates specifically, offer a dynamic style of Pilates, that fuses elements of traditional Pilates with cardio and endurance training, to give a full body workout.
TA: KX Pilates can look daunting to some - can anyone have a go or do you need a certain level of fitness or knowledge?
GM: Anyone of all fitness levels can have a go. The reformer is an amazing machine that offers a variety of resistance levels, allowing you to workout at your own pace. At KX, all our trainers are extremely experienced, and offer great support and education along the way.
There is a strong focus on technique, thus once you have mastered the correct movement patterns and become more comfortable on the reformer machine, you can alter the pace and the resistance springs, to make the exercises more challenging and performed to the point of muscle fatigue.
TA: So for those weekend warriors who play sport on a regular basis, how can Reformer Pilates help keep us on the court/field?
GM: Reformer Pilates can be used in addition to your regular training, to help condition muscles needed to perform particular tasks. For instance, a tennis player is going to need a lot of stability through their shoulders, a netball player will need their knees strengthened etc. The reformer machine is so diverse that any number of exercises can be performed to target specific muscle groups. It's brilliant!
TA: So at KX, what happens in a typical class? How’s it structured?
GM: To get the muscles moving and warmed up, we start with gentle exercises that eases the body into the movement.  This is then progressed into more intense exercises that develop not only your strength, but also your balance, flexibility and co-ordination.  The beauty about KX Pilates is that it gets your heart pumping too.  The class lasts for 50 minutes and you get an all over, full body workout.  With beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, there is a class suited for everyone.

TA: And if we’re busy with kids, sport, training and life in general, can just 1 session of KX Pilates per week be of benefit?
GM: Any exercise is better than no exercise.  It is as simple as that! You do however, want to be aiming for a minimum of two sessions per week and slowly build your way up to three sessions per week. We also recommend a couple of cardio sessions per week to compliment your Pilates training.
TA: Well thank you so much Gab for your time and expertise!
Gabriella Mazzarino is a qualified Pilates instructor at KX Pilates Caulfield. 
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