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Customer Story: Aili Gomez

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A defence lawyer with Victoria Legal Aid and a super mum-of-3 kiddies under 6, Aili Gomez shares her own story for our blog, a TRU ATHLETIC Life.

Growing up in Melbourne, Aili considers herself lucky that her parents provided her with the opportunity to play competition tennis, swimming and school volleyball.  However, not unlike many young women, the sport stopped during her Uni days when her friends weren’t playing anymore and other interests and life as a young adult took over. 

Cue Gerard, now Aili’s loving husband, and a couple’s foray into Pitch n Putt golf turned into golf lessons and a shared love for the traditional form of the game.  Aili believes “if you have someone else to play with you, it’s going to be more motivating”.  She and Gerard had never played golf before and she doubts she’d ever have started if it wasn’t for the team approach with Gerard and having played sports in school.  On top of that, Aili even signed up for Dance Dynamics, which involves dance-based fitness classes including Zumba, Hip Hop and Salsa.

In the coming years, family life ensued and inevitably Aili’s activity levels changed once again as she spends a good 5 years or so bringing Eli, Gabriel and Ava into the world.  These days a round of golf probably involves some coloured plastic clubs and the living room….


So Eli’s now in Prep this year and Aili’s lifestyle keeps evolving.  Hubby Gerard recently sought out some more “me time” from a busy family life which in turn inspired Aili to do the same.  Since playing golf is too time consuming for life with 3 kids right now, Aili has recently joined her sister-in-law at The Workout Project, undertaking some group training in the form of a 6 week challenge.  Committing to 3 sessions a week, Aili basically hasn’t looked back!

She says “I found myself getting stronger every week” and that “it was hard at the start, but it was an amazing feeling”.  Additionally, a recent body composition scan also gave Aili more incentive to turn things up a notch.  Now she’s eating better, cutting out the sugar and still keeping up her exercise now that she’s felt the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

Aili would love to get back to playing golf one day, but in the meantime she’s definitely going to keep doing her group training at the gym.  Go Aili!  #imatruathletic


As a customer of TRU ATHLETIC…

Aili’s favourite piece is the #1 Draft Pick Oversized Hoodie, but she’s also falling in love with the New Recruit 3/4 Leggings now that she’s upped the active stakes.  She tells anyone thinking about trying out TRU ATHLETIC to trust that it’s thoughtful in terms of design and still looks good when you’re working out.


To check out Aili’s active lifestyle, head to these websites:

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Melbourne Body Composition Analysis -

Dance-based fitness classes -

Golf -


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